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I design and code thoughtful digital User experiences & beautiful websites and I would love to work with You.

⤷ I’m Karan Kaushal, a highly motivated and resourceful self-taught web developer based in India. I have a deep passion for web development and take great pride in the work that I do. I have extensive experience developing for the web, and I always aim to create a positive user experience, maintain strong architecture, and ensure high-quality code. My areas of expertise include HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and React. I have a solid understanding of databases, specifically MySQL and MongoDB, and have worked with a variety of popular web development frameworks. I am also an active member of the open-source community and enjoy educating others about technology, solving technical problems, and continuously learning and growing in my field.


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Websites just from scratch. We can make your online shop or just business card webpage.

User Experience

As a designer or developer, creating a positive user experience is always my top priority. Whether it’s designing a user-friendly interface, making sure a website or application is responsive and easy to navigate, or ensuring that the overall experience is enjoyable and fulfilling, I am constantly thinking about how to enhance the user’s experience. I believe that a positive user experience is the foundation of any successful project, and it requires a deep understanding of user needs, behaviors, and expectations. By taking a user-centric approach and testing my designs with real users, I am able to continuously improve and refine the experience to deliver exceptional results. My ultimate goal is to create products that are not only functional, but also intuitive and satisfying for the user.

Secure workflow

At our company, we understand the importance of secure and reliable web development, and we prioritize this in every project we undertake. Our team of experts follows industry-standard security protocols and best practices to ensure that every aspect of our workflow is secure. From encrypting sensitive data to regularly updating our systems to protect against emerging threats, we take every precaution to keep our clients’ information safe. Our development process also includes thorough testing and quality assurance to eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure that our web applications are robust and resilient. Additionally, we regularly educate ourselves on the latest security trends and technologies to ensure that we are always at the forefront of security innovations. By providing a secure workflow, we give our clients the peace of mind that their data and applications are protected and secure.

Bug free!

As a web developer, writing bug-free code is a top priority for me. I take a meticulous approach to my work, carefully planning and testing each aspect of my code to ensure that it is accurate, efficient, and free of any bugs or errors. I believe that writing high-quality code is essential for delivering a seamless and effective user experience. To achieve this, I follow industry-standard best practices and regularly review my code to identify and fix any potential issues. I also utilize various debugging tools and techniques to catch any bugs early on in the development process, making it easier to fix them before they become a larger problem. My goal is to always write code that is well-documented, maintainable, and free of any bugs or glitches. By doing so, I can ensure that the final product is reliable, user-friendly, and provides the intended experience.

High Quality code

Ensuring high-quality code is one of my core principles as a software developer. I believe that writing clean, efficient, and well-documented code is crucial for delivering a seamless and effective user experience. To achieve this, I follow industry-standard best practices and continuously improve my coding skills through training and learning. I also take a collaborative approach to my work, actively seeking feedback from my team members and clients to ensure that my code meets their expectations. Before finalizing any code, I thoroughly test and debug it to eliminate any potential issues and ensure that it is working as intended. My goal is to always deliver high-quality code that is maintainable, scalable, and robust. By doing so, I can help ensure the success of the project and provide a positive experience for the end-user.
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  • Rupesh Kumar
    "I was looking for a web developer to help me bring my ideas to life and this person exceeded my expectations. They listened to my needs and offered creative solutions that truly transformed my vision into reality. Their technical expertise and passion for their work shine through in their completed projects. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a talented web developer."
    Rupesh Kumar
  • Surbhi Bhargawa
    "I had the pleasure of working with this web developer on a website redesign and was extremely impressed by their work. They brought fresh ideas to the table and were able to complete the project ahead of schedule. Their knowledge of the latest technologies and design trends was evident in the final product. I highly recommend them."
    Surbhi Bhargawa
  • Amit Kumar
    "I recently worked with this web developer on a project and was blown away by their skills. Their attention to detail and ability to turn complex concepts into a seamless user experience was truly impressive. I highly recommend them for any web development needs."
    Amit Kumar

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