Introduction To Java Programming

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The first question that comes to our mind is: What is Java? Sometimes we think that when we have so many programming languages at our disposal then why this new language? What is unique about Java? Why should we learn Java? And such so many.

In this course, we shall try to answer such and many other queries. We will try to satisfy your anxiety and generate a quest for more knowledge about java. In this course, we have tried to explain complex concepts in simple and easy-to-understand language. Let us start the journey of java together.

Introduction to Java #

Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, the USA in 1991. It was originally called Oak by James Gosling, one of the developers of the Java language. Dr. Gosling began working on a language and a virtual machine. At that time, the project was called Oak, a name inspired by an oak tree that grew outside of Dr. Gosling’s office window. But unfortunately attempts to market oak failed. Earlier it was designed for home appliances and other electronic appliances. But the goal of the developers was to make it a simple, portable, and highly reliable language.

Java is now recognized as an excellent object-oriented language, used widely in commercial development and educational institution. Java is used for developing standalone applications, and for internet programming.

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