Applications of C++ (OOPS)

Applications of C++ (OOPS)

Applications of C++ Programming Language

Here we are going to discuss Applications of C++ programming language. C++ is a versatile language suitable for virtually any programming including the development of editors, compilers, databases, communication systems, and any complex real-life application system. C++ gives the ability to get close to machine-level details. C++ programs are easily maintainable and expandable. When a new feature needs to be implemented, it is very easy to add the existing structure of an object. C++ solves complex problems in a simpler way, the C++ (OOPs) has a number of applications in different areas as discussed below:

  1. C++ helps in implementing security software or mechanism for Banks, finance-oriented organizations, etc.
  2. It can create real-world applications effectively.
  3. C++ has also played a significant role in Google applications called Google file system and Google chrome.
  4. All major applications of Adobe systems are developed in C++ programming language. These applications include Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, and Adobe Premier.
  5. Most of the Popular games like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc. are also built using C++.
  6. The Monitoring and Discovery Service provides a uniform framework for creating and accessing system configuration and status information.
  7. C++ is also useful in developing media players, an important WinAmp media player.
  8. All the Resource management software is designed and developed through C++. By using this resource allocation and process creation, monitoring, and management services can be easily maintained.
  9. Data management software manages the data through C++.
  10. C++ also assists in providing real-time financial information to investors or clients.
  11. Some of the important portions of major operating systems like Apple-OSX have also been written in C++.
  12. The majority of Microsoft operating systems like Windows 95, and Windows Me are also greatly influenced by C++.
  13. Communication can be easily established and managed by using the C++ library. It provides a high-level C API for communications. It performs communication and files I/O operations. This C++ library enhances socket system calls by providing secure communication with authentication and encryption features.
  14. C++ software is highly portable and can be implemented and linked with any real-life application.
  15. C++ is highly used in mobile computing.
  16. Security procedures can be maintained in the networking environment with help of C++ programming logic.
  17. C++ programs are widely used in large real-time applications having dynamic environments.
  18. C++ is more applicable in compiler design and its synthesis.
  19. C++ is more objective in visual programming.

Besides the above applications of C++ or OOPs, some more interactive and commonly used areas in the field of computer science and its related fields are written as below:

  • Designing Application software related to Statistical Techniques.
  • Developing Real-time software for time-sharing systems.
  • Implementation of Operation research for the Optimization of all events in different areas.
  • To create and design a relationship of Object-oriented techniques with the RDBMS, NDBMS, and HDBMS.
  • To design the expert system like Kundli, Car theft scanning, etc.
  • To develop AI Models (Artificial Intelligence) like Robotics etc.
  • To design Computer Aided Designing (CAD) software for Architecture planning etc.
  • To develop Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Tools like CAI tools etc.
  • To develop and design some new System software and packages like Operating systems, new languages, etc.
  • All the office activities can be easily managed through OAS (Office Automation System) like Personnel Management etc.
  • All the cells related computations can be designed using the Neural Network methodology. OOPS manage all the textual, graphical, and animation by developing the Multimedia events.
  • All the tutor and training software based on the computer learning techniques be designed in C++.
  • C++ (OOPs) is used in learning all the Educational terms in the simpler and visible form with the help of Educational Systems like Math-tabulation, new SPSS, etc.


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